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Hatha Blossom

7 days Online Yoga workshop for Children offered by Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers of Nishchala Classical Yoga

Dec 26 - Jan 1


Timings: (Indian Standard Time)

First Batch : 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM
Second Batch : 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Age limit: 7 to 15 years
Online platform: Zoom

Phone No.: +91 - 637 444 5225








Awareness of proper diet


Upa - Yoga


Simha Kriya

Yogic Diet


More Fun Activities


Age group : 7 - 15  years.

No prior yoga experience required

Practices designed by Sadhguru, Founder, Isha Foundation

Sharings from participants

Kartick Paswan, Kolkata

I m feeling extremenly happy and joy and clear within myself its been fantastic could not explain just feeling happy my whole body now

Girilal Vijayachandran, Thiruvananthapuram

Was little sceptical in the beginning how online classes work for yoga since it requires lot of attention by yoga guru to digitally see and explain the posture corrections for participants. But Jaya Krishnan did a good job.

Thank you Isha and Jaya Krishnan!!!

Anirudh Nayak, Bangalore

Was really nice and meets expectations. I am sure if kids at young age are exposed to these kriyas will have an positive impact on their future and society.

Rekha, Bangalore

It was wonderful experience. My daughter loved the program. She is doing all the practices regularly by herself. We are very happy. No changes required. Just we need continuation of this program