Nishchala Classical Yoga is an elite group of Hatha Yoga teachers certified by Isha Hatha School of Yoga

Vision: To ensure every human being to realize the peak of their potential and hence be in harmony within themselves and with the world

Mission: To offer the science & technology of Classical Yoga in its purest form for self-transformation and well-being of human beings
At Nishchala, we offer Isha Hatha Yoga programs as unparalleled opportunity to learn the authentic Classical Hatha Yoga practices which are derived from a yogic tradition and are being maintained in their utmost purity and vibrancy for thousands of years. 
These Hatha Yoga programs are conducted by intensively trained and certified teachers who have undergone over 1750 hours of training and are meticulously designed to offer classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth and dimension.

These Hatha Yoga practices are taught, not merely for physical fitness and strength but, as holistic processes towards attaining a certain mastery over the body and mind which enable you to manufacture your health, joy and bliss at your will. These practices are an elixir for wholesome well being in today's hectic pace of life

Praveen Kumar

Hatha Yoga Teacher
Previously Deputy Manager with Toyota Kirloskar Motor with over 14 years industry experience

Shruthi Menon

Hatha Yoga Teacher 
Previously Senior Software Developer with Cognizant Technology Solutions with over 6 years industry experience

Toms Edison

Hatha Yoga Teacher

& Director with Zitraar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with over 15 years industry experience


Hatha Yoga Teacher

Previously worked at a Newsprint Factory with 2 years of Industry experience

Vinayak Kumar

Hatha Yoga Teacher

& Anesthesiologists

Jibu George

Hatha Yoga Teacher

& Service Delivery Engineer with AT&T with over 13 years industry experience

Traditional Yoga for Modern World !

Upa Yoga
Surya Kriya
Bhuta Shuddhi
Surya Shakthi
Children's Yoga

We offer Classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form, in a way it is suitable for today's hectic life style.

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