Manjunath, Mangalore

I am here to share my experience of practicing Surya Shakthi ,Angamardana and Surya Kriya. It rejuvenates my body. It has reduced my sleep quota and my food intake drastically.

Now I feel more Joyous and charged throughout the day.

I am grateful to Praveen Anna because of whom I got the exposure to classical Hatha yoga in its purest form designed by Sadhguru.

I want to keep my efforts in becoming perfect in every postures relentless.


Vasutha, Mangalore

I have been doing my practices regularly now and I can easily manage my studies, bharatanatyam, sports and my other hobbies like travelling - all simultaneously..I'm so energetic that I feel like a spring ๐Ÿคญ

I am happy and alert almost the entire day and sometimes I don't even feel like sleeping (I used to sleep so much earlier to my introduction to these practices) I feel vibrant, involved and active throughput the day! 

I wish that everybody experiences this kind of energy and focus everyday๐Ÿฅฐโค

Vigneshwari, Tirunelveli

Am happy to share that after doing shanmuki mudra I found some good changes below the diaphragm region and  after each day practice I found lower abdomen is getting reduced. 

I am getting recovered from cervical spondylitis and the nerves issue do to that impact. And 5yrs gone .I was searching remedy though I have taken diet for other issue become useless.

Am happy to say that my twisted hip problem nearly 50-60% got eradicated. Something good is happening in my body . With lots of gratefulness . Thank you so so so much. No words to say I suffered due to this problem over one year.

Kanishka Mehta, Udaipur

It was a great experience with such an online program. In this challenging time of corona, this program has helped me in calming down and filling with peace and relief. 

After attending the morning sessions, I actually felt my day being organized and I felt more relaxed. 

Thank you very much. Keep conducting such programs in a while.

Karthika, Bangalore

It was an awesome experience. Though I am a beginner, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the way of guidance by the the teachers was highly appreciable. Looking forward for more sessions.

Cijo Paul, Bangalore

 In the last 10 days I found that even if I woke up early and did my practices I was able to stay awake throughout the day. Waking up early to do my practices has been a challenge for me. This program has helped show me that it is possible to have a vibrant day ahead as long as I keep my pratices up. It was a blessing to have been part of this program. I thank everyone involved for making this happen for me.

Swati Soni, Lucknow

i know upa yoga before. but the way I felt.  here that was priceless. It just upgraded my practice and some of my family members woke early just because of you ..... 

thank you so much. 

Nikita Sonawane, Mumbai

The experience was osam... I had changed alot... In my behavior and now m feeling very much graceful and I had turned with a positive attitude.. thanks alot...

Alen Varkey, Kottayam

The experience was very good. I knew upa yoga practices but i was not doing it regularly this session made me to do the practice regularly and i never thought such simple practices was great benefit.

Latha Nair, Thiruvananthapuram

It was extremely helpful. I have benefited a lot from the Yoga practices. I had a very stiff neck, spondylosis, vertigo etc and was in pain for the past few years. But now I feel far far better. So grateful to Sadhguru and all the teachers who have helped me. Thanks

Suranya, Nagercoil

I started Hatha yoga April 2018.. my journey so far has been only amazing. I practice angamardana, surya kriya and surya sakti. I do either one every day. Some days rarely I skip. 
 Best points to recollect are

1. I donโ€™t fall sick often.(cold, fever, cough).. these are rare.. maybe once or twice a year. This was not the case before I started. Every alternate weeks I had cold. 

2. Body has become highly flexible 

3. Slowly loosing weight 

4. High on energy.. low mood/energy levels are rare when I practice regularly

5. Clear mind, right thinking 

6. My weak areas were shoulders and hands, which are getting stronger day by day.. physically seen too.. developing muscles๐Ÿ’ช 

Overall amazing and fantastic journey so far.. I thank nischala for creating this big opportunity in a small town like Nagercoil and enlightening us with these classes. A big thanks to my guru Toms๐Ÿ˜